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About Gramoday

Gramoday is a distinct unit of Grameen Shramik Pratishthan dedicated to the development of rural underprivileged sections.

Pratishthan established in 1981 with the aim of social and economic empowerment of rural deprived sections including women, landless labours, marginal farmers and rural artisans.

The education was acknowledged as a mean of empowerment and the organization started first project for inclusion of school dropouts through non-formal education programme. The concept of “Balwadi”a preprimary school was first time introduced in Latur district by GSP in 1981.

Pratishthan under the leadership of Mr. Harishchandra Sude & Mrs. Savita Sude organized more than 10,000 rural landless labours and artisans in the region. Social action by organizing landless labours and building their pressure groups to advocate their right to livelihood at community and government level was the strategy of intervention during 1981-1986.

Distribution of land to landless labours was identified as an action programme for the prevention of migration and livelihood security of vulnerable sections of rural communities

1986 afterwards GSP focused its interventions on constructive integrated rural development programmes including watershed development, implementation of ideal village development programme, integrated natural resource management programme , women empowerment & poverty alleviation support programmes.

After the year 2000 with changing social and economic milieu rural society is being transformed rapidly. Disparity between have and have not is widening leading to increased vulnerability and deprivation of weaker sections especially of women and girls from underprivileged families have been observed as a critical challenge.

GSP is striving for the development of rural women and rural community through its various projects and programmes under Gramoday.