There are Two Developement programmes run by GSP, Rural Developement and Women Developement.

  • Rural Developement
  • Women Developement

Rural Drinking Water & Sanitation Programme- Jalswaraj

The project is funded by the World Bank under Millennium Development Goal (MDG) Programme

GSP played crucial role in facilitating implementation in nine (9) villages Namely Umbadaga(b), Hasala , Shindala , Jamalpur ,Lodaga in Ausa block and Navandi , Kasral , Wagdari and Avalkonda in Udgir Block.

Capacity building of Village Water Supply Committee, implementation of women empowerment programme and facilitating people’s participation in project planning and monitoring were core deliverables as a facilitating organization.


TSC- Total Sanitation Campaign has been integrated in the project. Awareness and motivation campaigns, various activities are carried out to sensitize people about the significance of sanitation and healthy practices for maintaining community heath. Construction and use of toilet by 100 p.c. families and absolute prohibition of open deification was emphasized. All nine villages are now total sanitation villages.

Health issues of women specially focused and addressed that helped organization to encourage participation of women to address sanitation issues of their own villages. Promotion of use of sanitary napkins identified as a one of the important need.


5000 rural families from nine interior villages and in total 30,000 people now have access to safe drinking water with much improved sanitation facilities at their door step. Drudgery of 15,000 women and 10,000 children for drinking water has been eliminated and vulnerability to water born diseases and epidemics has been end up. This has resulted in improved quality of life and livelihoods due to availability of water and changed sanitary practices of individuals and community as a whole


Swarnjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana –SGSY is an national Poverty Alleviation Programme. The objective of the (SGSY) is to bring the assisted poor families (Swarozgaries) above the Poverty Line by ensuring appreciable sustained level of income over a period of time. This objective is to be achieved by inter alia organising the rural poor into Self Help Groups (SHGs) through the process of social mobilization, their training and capacity building and provision of income generating assets. The SHG approach helps the poor to build their self-confidence through community action.

GSP has been appointed as an implementation agency by District Rural Development Agency, Latur for 25 villages in Ausa block of Latur district.


GSP encouraged participation of women from BPL families and promoted women entrepreneurship to augment income of the family.

The organization has organized more than 2000 rural BPL families through 214 SHGs and has facilitated bank linkages and promotion of income generation activities. Convergence of SHGs with various government departments and effective implementation of development schemes for poverty alleviation is distinct contribution of GSP in the implementation of SGSY scheme.


Dairy, chilly grinders, floor mill, tea stall, foods processing, chalk making, retailing of sanitary napkin , catering service to schools and Anganwadis are the major activities SHG have taken up to overcome irregularity of income and poverty.


Rural women’s empowerment is one of the core programme of GSP since 1994. The organization is working in 30 villages and implements various development programmes at community level.

Gender inequalities and secondary status of women in social, economic and political spheres at individual and community level is major impediment in development process. With objective of empowerment of women and facilitating women’s participation in development process GSP initiated Rural Women’s Development Programme.


Self Help Group is a revolutionary concept that gradually builds confidence, skills and collective strength of women to lead the transformation at individual, family and community level.

Self Help Group promotion and building women’s collective strength to lead the change towards gender equality and community development is the core objective of the programme.

SHG programme facilitates social as well as economic empowerment and encourage SHGs to participate and lead community development initiatives as per local development needs.


A federation named Stree Shakti Swayam Sahay Sangh has been established in 2004 for bulding collective strength and ensure sustainability of SHGs. The federation extends loans for income generation activities and provides audit, gradation and recordkeeping services to member SHGs.


Skill development training is a vital component of rural women’s’ development programme.

Considering the need of trainings in various areas to facilitate empowerment process in the region GSP has set up special Women’s Training Center at its campus in village Budhoda.

The center organizes various need based training programmes independently as well as in collaboration with other agencies and institutes like

  • Paithani Sari Weaving Training Programme -
    A nine months training programme for 30 rural women was conducted in collaboration with Maharashtra State Small Scale Industries Development Corporation – MSSIDC.
  • Tailoring and Fashion Designing Training for Rural Women and Adolescence.
  • Repair and maintenance of village water supply system by SHG women- in collaboration with Jalswaraj Project, Latur.
  • Retailing & Promotion of Sanitary Napkins in rural area for self employment and prevention of menstrual diseases.
  • Certificate Course in preprimary Teachers Training – proposed form June 2011



A gender inequality is an inherence reality of India society.This leads to injustice and violence against women.

GSP runs a counseling center and help center to protect women against domestic violence, family disputes. The center provides legal-aid and counseling support to women in difficult circumstances. The center is recognized by State Women’s Commission and funded by Zilla Parishad, Latur. The center is located at block town Ausa and jurisdiction approved is entire block that is 117 villages.


Apart from resolving dispute cases, the center proactively also involved in increasing awareness about the legal rights of women and protection entrusted by law against domestic violence.

The center conduct village level legal literacy workshop for SHG women and also carry out awareness campaigns at block level to disseminate information of services offered by the center.

Cases resolved or intervened by counseling center includes domestic violence, disputes with in-laws., dowry disputes, property right of widows and divorced women, sexual abuse by family members and wo0men in critical situations.


The center has networked with various agencies and institute for referral services for medical aid and shelter facility in case women in conflict need protection and care.