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Projects Accomplished

Reviving Rural Livelihoods through Social Actions

Funded y OXFAM - 1981- 1984

First action programme of GSP for the development of rural underprivileged folks. Organizing rural landless labours, artisans, SC, ST, nomadic folk to build a pressure group to claim right to development and livelihoods for prevention of migration was the core objective of the project.

Informal education for school dropouts, land for landless labour, capital support for landless labour for farming who acquired government land, up-gradation to rural artisans and promotion of occupation based cooperative societies were intervention activities.

ADARSH GAON YOJANA- Ideal Model Village Development Progarmme

Funded by Adarsh Gaon Sakalp Prakalp Samiti Govt. of Maharashtra - 1990-2006

" Adarsh Gaon Yojana " a special initiative of the Government of Maharashtra for the replication of village development model demonstrated by Hon. Annasaheb Hazare at village Ralegan Siddhi.

GSP adopted two villages of Latur district namely Budhoda and Anandwadi. for the implementation of the scheme and successfully introduced the concept of village development through natural resource and watershed management with people's participation.

Indo-German Watershed Development Project

Funded By AFARM, Pune under NGO Capacity Building Programme -1993-1998

It was AFARM, Pune initiated a special project for technical capacity building of NGOs in natural resource management and watershed development project. GSP was one of the select participant organizations. GSP implemented watershed development project scientifically under the technical guidance of AFARM in two villages Turukwadi, and Tungi.

Grameen Vaidu Sanghathan – Funded by IGSSS, Pune - 1992-94

Preservation & promotion of indigenous medicinal parishioner's knowledge

Treasure of indigenous knowledge and medicinal practices have been endangered due to overwhelming state driven use of allopathic medicine. GSP initiated this special project to create data bases of rural Vaidu – indigenous health practitioners and validate their valuable tradition knowledge through documentation and promotion. Zadapla Aushadhi Kendra was one the initiative under this project to promote tradition medicinal practices.

Rehabilitation of Orthopeadically Impaired Earthquake Survivors

Joint project with JANARTH, Aurangabad , Funded by Action-Aid -1994-95

In 1993 devastating earthquake struck to Latur district thousands of people suffered with minor and major orthopedic impairment. For the medical rehabilitation of orthopeadically impaired earthquake survivors in collaboration with Handicapped International & JANARTH a special project was initiated.

Physiotherapy treatment and rehabilitation support services were extended in 25 earthquake affected villages reaching to more than 2000 patients,

Skill Development Training For Earthquake Affected Rural Women

Carpet Making Training Programme for Women -Funded by CAPART – 194-95

For the restoration of livelihood in post earthquake rehabilitation drive GSP implemented this project for underprivileged women in earthquake affected areas. 30 underprivileged women trained in carpet making on handloom that enabled them to take up this activity as a non-farm home based income generation activity.

Galicha Weaving Training - Skill Development Training for Rural Women

Supported by NABARD – 1996-98

32 underprivileged women availed six months training in woolen Galicha making. Under Arvind Scheme for the skill development of weaver with support of NABARD this training programme was conducted.

Collection and Preservation of Indigenous Seeds and Promotion of Organic Farming

Self-Funded -1998 -2006 –Initial technical support by Academy for Development Science.

Decreasing nutrition value of food grains, toxicating agriculture land with addictive use of expensive chemical fertilizers and hybrid seeds has posed serious question on sustainability of agriculture. To address this critical issue GSP initiated a programme in 1998 for the promotion of organic farming and preservation of indigenous seeds.

Community Convergence Action –CCA

Supported by UNICEF Through SATH network -2000-2003

GSP facilitated the process of CCA in 10 villages of Ausa Block. The CCA intervention sought to empower women by creating a platform to come together and provide opportunities for them to demand and negotiate for their rights to ensure improvement in the quality of life of the rural poor women and their families through increased access to health, nutrition, education, services and productive assets.

The women also realized the importance of working with the village youth and other community-based organizations (CBOs). The newt work of SHGs formed is still continuing to support women for their individual and collective development

Commercialization of Improved Biomass Fuels and Cooking Devices

Supported by Appropriate Rural Technology Institute –ARTI, Pune - 2004-2007

This was the pilot project to promote Biomass Fuels and Cooking Devices developed by ARTI_ Appropriate Rural Technology Institute, Pune through dissemination & commercialization of Biomass Fuels and Cooking Devices. Like smoke less cooking stove, Compact biogas system, Sarai Cooking System.

GSP implemented this project in Marathwada region reaching to more than 25000 rural families and trained 10 rural entrepreneurs to continue the supply of improved devices in future at local market. The project was funded by Shell Foundation UK through ARTI, Pune

Rural Drinking Water and Sanitation Project

Jalswaraj Zilla Parishad , Latur –Government of Maharashtra – 2005-2010

Drudgery for drinking water and prevalence of water born diseases is a critical issue and major impediment in human development process. JALSWARAJ is a special drive for addressing problem of safe drinking water and sanitation through people's participation and government assistance. GSP has taken responsibility of facilitating implementation of JALSWARAJ project in nine (9) villages in two blocks of Latur district.