About Swadhar

Swadhar is an initiative of GSP for the empowerment and inclusion of rural persons with disability.

More than 65 p.c. of disabled population lives in rural area and rehabilitation needs of rural persons with disability are distantly different.

Since 1984 GSP has been engaged in disability interventions and based on experiential learning over 25 years the organization has adopted systemic intervention approach that gives equal importance to social and economic rehabilitation support coupled with advocacy for the inclusion and protection of equal opportunity rights of differently able individuals.

Swadhar is an innovative and alternate rehabilitation model with specific focus on rural persons with disability.

The rehabilitation support process is comprehensives as it includes support for developing the vocational and non-vocational skills for building capabilities to enable differently able persons to take charge of own life followed by stable employment opportunity along with strong social rehabilitation support like facilitating their marriage and support for housing.