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Vision and Mission

We believe that development is a process and people are at the centre- empowerment and conducive environment are prerequisites. Our role is facilitation and we are not providers but partner. One for all and all for one is our principle.


GSP is striving to see every socio-economically deprived individual gets an opportunity to thrive with dignity.


To empower socio-economically deprived, marginalized rural families and women by building their capabilities and creating conducive environment for their development through extending livelihood development support and essential servicesWe are closely observing transformation process in rural area with changing social and economic milieu under the light of globalization, burgeoning urbanization, rapidly changing technology and increased awareness coupled with welfare and development schemes of governments.

There has been drastic influence on agriculture practices and economic relations like decreasing homogeneity of rural community and interdependence leading to altered social fragmentation.

Phenomenon of migration has observed change that is compare to seasonal migration now permanent migration is preferred to cities not only by poor families in search of remunerative employment opportunities but also by rural well off families and educated youth for sophisticated jobs and better amenities and education of their children.

There is a great need to work for the revival of agriculture in the region to rescue farmers from vicious circle of high input and low yielding agriculture practices. Watershed development programmes coupled with education on sustainable agriculture practices and resilience strategy to fight impact of climate change is the need of an hour.

With consideration of these changes in rural community Pratishthan has decided to focus on special projects and programmes to support the most deprived and vulnerable sections of rural community that includes ultra poor families, marginal farmers, women farmers , women under difficult circumstances and adolescence girls.

GSP will continue intergraded rural community development interventions but its focus will be more of on underprivileged women and ultra poor families